opposite to the corporate-run media

EMAAN is aiming to be an alternative media platform for ordinaries  by  developing its own audience network in the community.
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Our projects reflect the needs of the community

Currently, corporate controlled media does not tell our story and we realize they probably never will (if they do, they won’t tell it well).
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EMAAN will reflect a authentic voices on burning community issues e.g. Domestic violence, migration, child abuse, both terrorism and  Islamophobia.
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Excited to announce a 48 hour film making challenge

Participants will make their own films with the topics during 48 hours. EMAAN mentors will be on hand to provide technical training and support if needed.
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What's New?

Festivals & Cultures

Partnership with festivals:

EMMAN partnered with many acclaimed festivals that include Saudha's World Poetry and Indian classical music Festival in Leeds, Leeds Mela, Leeds Carnival, RadhaRaman Folk Festival, Beeston Festival etc.

Festivals are a unique occasion to celebrate the local culture and interact within the community. For the residents of Yorkshire, for example, the Carnival and Indian music festivals are a long standing tradition where they can meet their friends, take pride in the BME cultures and enjoy diverse traditional and fusion foods..

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Tackling Extremism




Tell MAMA supports victims of anti-Muslim hate and is a public service which also measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents.

Counter Narrative

Imam Alyas Karmani believes,the construction of a counter narrative to violent jihad should be seen as part of a long-term strategy to combat radicalization

Online Radicalisation

Director Inspire, has said that one of our priorities is to crackdown on online radicalisation whereby Muslims are exposed to so-called radical Islamic ideas



Leeds is still a vulnerable place which is targeted for spreading extremism internally and externally.

In the constant struggle to keep the UK safe from what's become known as 'home-grown' terrorism, Leeds is one of Britain's most vulnerable areas. The threat of terrorism is real, and that all responsible individuals and institutions must do whatever they can to work together in order to prevent violent extremism.
In fact, all the stakeholder of the modern society do not deny they have a role to play in bringing people together in an open and exploratory way; by providing safe spaces for difficult discussions; through their own research and teaching into terrorism-related matters which improves understanding.

Because of the fact that the most of the perpetrators of 7/7 were from Leeds, visible polarization took place in local community and that spurred EDL to march with an extremely violent views. These radical ideologies developed because there was no meaningful dialogue and interaction; and  there were so many incidents that went unchallenged.It is crucial to foster intellectual debates and discussion along with educating the real essence of the religions specially to target groups.In terms the need of making a safe community build on true cohesion, this is imperative to preach the genuine teaching of religion tackling all those misconceptions mainly in the area (Beeston) that has got already national focus for some unfortunate incidents in relation to extremism.