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Weaving Peace

Different Faiths, Shared Values

The documentary focuses on the study of the conflicts, similitudes of different religions operating in multi-cultural British society. Although it takes Harehills in Leeds as the area of case study as because this is historically a place that witnesses both conflicts and harmony and gradually being shaped towards the true essence of diversity with the city being emerged as the best city of the country to live; - but it also reflects the overview of the whole country. Produced by EMAAN (Eastern Media and Arts Network), the film contains interfaith dialogue between different religions. It digs into the depth of the major conflicts and searches in pursuit of the solution to establish a communal harmony in the society. The film is co-directed by a British-Pakistani journalist and film maker Anjum Mir and a British Bangladeshi filmologist T M Ahmed Kaysher. This film will give an overview to the students of theology and sociology on the harmonies and conflicts between different cultures and religions.

Calligraphic beauty

Experiential Islamic Art of Rizwan Ul Haq

Razwan Ul-Haq remixes the calligraphic beauty of traditional line and breath with the excitement of Contemporary Art Practice. He enjoys browsing the minimalist galleries and takes a peek at fresh new vibrations that happen when cultures collide in peace. He introduces an Islamic Art adventure through new explorations of space, line and spiritual symmetries. The experiential Islamic Art of Razwan Ul-Haq is a post-modern reflection, that draws from the well that fed the traditional calligraphic foundations of Islamic Art. Razwan Ul-Haq was commissioned by Leeds City Art Gallery to celebrate the presence at the Gallery of ten drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci, on loan to the Gallery from the Royal Collection to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Queen. for Islamic Art Commissions.

Last Man Killed

'Last Man Killed' who were the last to die?

The final British soldier to be killed in action was Private George Edwin Ellison. At 9.30 am Pte Ellison of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers was scouting on the outskirts of the Belgian town of Mons where German soldiers had been reported in a wood. Almost a million British soldiers had been killed in those intervening years, yet almost miraculously Pte Ellison had so far escaped uninjured. In just over an hour the ceasefire would come into force, the war would be over and Pte Ellison, a former coal miner, would return to the terraced street in Leeds to see his wife Hannah and their four-year-old son James. And then the shot rang out. George was dead - the last British soldier to be killed in action in WWI. A commemorative service was held at Saxton Garden, Leeds, on July 2014.


Bringing People Together

University is a place where many of us feel the need to conform to the norms of typical student life. But a spokesperson of the Pakistan society Leeds,Zubair Mumtaz said: "As pakistanis we realise it's not always that easy. Coming from traditional backgrounds with extended families, adjustment disorders are common especially in a place like central leeds where pakistanis are scarce. " Many of us feel it's necessary to remain in touch with our roots as with a place like university where identity is paramount for students, and it being so easy to forget who you are whilst making friends from all around the world, Paksoc provides the link between university life and our pakistani heritage. " An invaluable group of friends striving to unite pakistani students around campus to ensure no is left feeling alienated. " Events like rewaj are intended to reflect pakistani culture and reassure students that there are others like you, and they are amongst you".