Raising Voices


Emaan planed to produce a website for internet community TV channel which would reflect the issues and Concerns of the area and also to celebrate and share good news stories.

‘Rising Voices' objective was to inspire young people who were going through a desperate and uncertain period. Inspiring interviews, mentor ships and images can be used as a reference and knowledge can be shared among interviewees supporting their own life development. The plan was to interview persons without titles or college degrees but who have fulfilled their life goals and dreams with hard work and effort, like entrepreneurs, store and auto-shop owners, or salesmen.

This project involved 15 people from disadvantaged area for them to gain valuable technical skill which they would use in their day-to-day life. Because Emaan already built up a very positive image in this community through its generous media support and getting engaged to the grassroots, technical experts and artists would like to work for it and become the part of it with pleasure in a very nominal fee. We are being offered so many free services from community groups and establishments as we have done the same for others and we are highly recognised for our great cause that we are working for, which is making young people of the area technically trained and ambitious about the future involving them into electronic media productions, events and productive activities..