Our Mission

It is the mission of EMAAN to bridge between cultural divides, capture cultural history in a form of art and to contribute to diverse intercultural dialogue, to render strategically towards creating a more peaceful world.

EMAAN will do its best to nurture young talents mainly from South Asian background aspiring for the career in media e.g. film making, digital music production, animation, arts and photography. This will be a platform for the promotion of arts, literature, music, civic life, community culture as well as politics across the country and beyond through innovative media approach.

This will offer opportunities for aspiring filmmakers to be immersed in an environment where they can explore the art of cinematic storytelling and have the freedom of making films that reflect a diverse range of topics and viewpoints.

Who We Are

In addition to the mission statement, the following goals we are striving to achieve:

Since 2011, Eastern Media & Arts Network (EMAAN) has empowered Asian youth through training on film production and workshops as well as offering free resources in relation to the productions. As EMAAN aims to create more voices from every different angle and establish justices and fairness in communities through tactful use if media, it strives to connect people from all ages and all different cultural communities and we are successful in terms of spreading the magic of media to the ordinary people of the community .
We challenge corporate dominated media by telling our own stories and by establishing as well as expanding our own networks and opportunities for media distribution.

We emphasize resource access for youth with a focus on media literacy. We do this by holding free workshops, providing mentorship projects, coordinating community film screenings and festivals, by distributing fully equipped decentralized media centers in backpacks, and by maintaining our youth media arts center in Leeds.

EMAAN is also aiming to be an alternative media platform for ordinaries  by  developing its own audience network in the community,   opposite to the corporate-run mdia and arts institutions.

EMAAN has developed an internet based television run within the core of the community through its social media that connects far corner of the community which is not reachable by the mainstream media establishments. EMAAN TV promotes the innovative fiction, documentaries, community voices, entertaining programmes produced mainly by EMAAN production team.

EMAAN creates and fosters a supportive community for documentary filmmakers. By developing, encouraging, and celebrating new and diverse voices in documentary film, we also seek to deepen the public’s experience, understanding, and appreciation for documentary as a form of art and expression. We do this by offering an array of programs and services aimed at aspiring and experienced documentary filmmakers and the broader community.

strategic plan

Our priorities right now are centered around managing growth to ensure we are meeting our mission in all of our activities.

In shaping the course of the Media Awareness Project for the future, we are proud to be the ONLY organization in North of England committed solely to teaching youth to create socially conscious media.

As 2018  kick off , our focus is on tangibles that make sense for the organization.

These include a continued focus on connecting more creative young people from school, colleges, organising more screening in community places and educational institutions, liaising with community groups, civil societies, art, literature and music organisations

We are exploring what it would look like to fund a mobile facility to bring programming to disadvantaged communities in Leeds

With the intention of battling the digital divide (the lack of access to technology and technology-related skill training for kids and communities) and ensuring voice to disadvantaged groups e.g. LGBT, socially excluded women, refugees, asylum seekers ,  people with different disabilities and, also people whose lives are shaped by the profound implications of poverty.