Our Team

Anjum Mir has 25 years experience of journalism based training and film-making. He is an expert in designing and delivering film based training programmes from ideas development to editing. Since 2011, Anjum has been the chief executive at EMAAN, where he has been working in developing films and video content for corporate clients and designing a film-training education programme that was delivered to charities, schools and community groups. In 1992 he joined BBC Radio Leeds as the broadcasting assistant. He has worked with over 2,00 young people of varying ages and abilities to produce films that have been screened locally, global festivals and web TV.

T M Ahmed Kaysher is a poet, fiction-writer, film and literature critic, music connoisseur as well as the key-policy maker of Eastern Arts and Media Network (EMAAN) that produces fiction films and documentaries on real-life issues along with operating an internet based television (emaan.tv). He is also the director of Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music (www.saudha.org), one of the eminent Indian classical music promoters in UK. He is the key organiser of RadhaRaman Festival, (www.radharamanleeds.wordpress.com), the largest Bengali cultural event in the North. Kaysher works for library and information services in Leeds City Council. He performs his own poetry both Bengali and English in major literature and poetry events around UK. In addition, he directs and performs Bengali opera music (Pala Gaan)/ Folk Ballad in a post-modern format.


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Asad Zia Hassan, Operation Director