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Qari Asim

Talking about Ramadan is a wonderful way of talking about Islam.Telling someone who has not experienced the joy of Ramadan exactly what it is like is just like telling them about a film they have not seen. The idea of fasting for a whole month is quite alien to most people in the world. Cutting down on food for a while to lose weight is perhaps the nearest they have ever got to fasting. Doing so for God's sake will be quite outside their experience. Qari Asim explains....


Classic Touch

Three top-notch Indian classical musicians Roopa Panesar, Kamalbir Nandra and Chandra Chakraborty performed at Seven Arts, Leeds as the finale of the two-day World Poetry and Indian classical Music Festival and held the audience literally spellbound with extra-ordinary fusion of world poetry and Indian classical music. The festival was held on 9 and 10 October 2015 and organised by one of the leading Indian classical music promoters in this country and a Leeds based Indian sub-continental classical music institution Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music.

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