Welcome to EMAAN TV EMAAN is an Asian Youth response to the need for Media Justice in our communities. From corporate media bias or non-coverage, media injustices are rampant. We believe that media literacy provides an empowering and active perspective for young people that can enable us to creatively address and overcome some of the most critical issues affecting us. More and more our identities are being shaped by popular culture. If we interview our elders and tell our own stories, we hope to also provide an intergenerational bridge that can support our own cultural survival. Imagine if every community had the power to create its own media. What would it look like? We would see youth sharing their stories online, displaying their films on projection and bed sheets in public spaces (or home) in every community. What would it sound like? We would hear high school students making guerilla radio/Podcasts so all can hear. Be part of the EMAAN movement! Come to our workshops (Sign our email list and we’ll let you know when they are happening) Become an EMAAN mentor!