Rewaj: Bringing People Together
University is a place where many of us feel the need to conform to the norms of typical student life. But a spokesperson of the Pakistan society Leeds,Zubair Mumtaz said: "As pakistanis we realise it's not always that easy. Coming from traditional backgrounds with extended families, adjustment disorders are common especially in a place like central leeds where pakistanis are scarce. " Many of us feel it's necessary to remain in touch with our roots as with a place like university where identity is paramount for students, and it being so easy to forget who you are whilst making friends from all around the world, Paksoc provides the link between university life and our pakistani heritage. " An invaluable group of friends striving to unite pakistani students around campus to ensure no is left feeling alienated. " Events like rewaj are intended to reflect pakistani culture and reassure students that there are others like you, and they are amongst you".

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