Saving Hope : Tackling Extremism

This Big Lottery funded film features the existing paradigm on terrorism across the globe with a focus on emerging scenarios of radicalisation in UK. With poetic photography and engaging weaving of montages in cinematic language, the film entertains intellectual dialogue on some vital issues by some ordinary and key-figures. The film is directed by British Pakistani film maker Anjum Mir and produced by the renowned media institute of the North 'Eastern Media and Arts Network' (EMAAN).


I am not ISIS

The project produces a 40 minute documentary that explores all relevant issues of terrorism or extremism in Leeds today. It captures the causes and the factors that feed extremist narratives through gaining the views of the large cross section of the community. This entails one to one interviews, discussions with community leaders, faith leaders, and other credible community voices.


Weaving Peace: Dialogue between Faiths

The documentary focuses on the study of the conflicts, similitudes of different religions operating in multi-cultural British society. Although it takes Harehills in Leeds as the area of case study as because this is historically a place that witnesses both conflicts and harmony and gradually being shaped towards the true essence of diversity with the city being emerged as the best city of the country to live; - but it also reflects the overview of the whole country. Produced by EMAAN (Eastern Media and Arts Network), the film contains interfaith dialogue between different religions. It digs into the depth of the major conflicts and searches in pursuit of the solution to establish a communal harmony in the society. The film is co-directed by a British-Pakistani journalist and film maker Anjum Mir and a British Bangladeshi filmologist T M Ahmed Kaysher.


Glittering Stars

EMAAN produces 15 short video stories, showcasing different strengths of local community heroes and non profit organisations in the areas of creative arts, culture, drama, theatre and music. The school and college’s staff as well as pupils decide on their chosen area of specialty and get fully involved in the production process and the airing of their programs. This  benefits the students of school and colleges, as well as their parents by rendering an insight on this particular media process and thus providing a brief picture to those who intend to take media as  a career. 


Raising Voices

The objective of ‘Raising Voices' is to inspire young people passing a desperate and uncertain period of their youth. Inspiring interviews, mentorships and images are used as a reference and knowledge that is shared among interviewers (who are mostly school leavers) supporting their own life development. The plan is to produce 10 documentaries targeting individuals from Harehills and Gipton areas who do not have any formal degrees but have fulfilled their goals and dreams with hard work and effort, like entrepreneurs, store and auto-shop owners, or salesmen.