we’re the people who make video and media production easy for you.

Storytelling is our passion built from our strong documentary roots and encompassing all media from video to print to web to live events.   Quite simply we’re the people who make video and media production easy for you.   No technobabble.  Just clear, concise and creative content delivered where and how you need it, on time and on budget.

We can tell you with absolute certainty: the latest technology doesn’t deliver the best story or the best message.  The folks at Pixar put it best, “Story is King.”  First you have to understand the message or the story that is being delivered, then you build a team and a technological package to properly bring that message home.  From training to marketing, from internet to broadcast, we deliver what you truly need, where you need it.  Your story.

EMAAN works with a limited clientele to ensure maximum attention to your project.

EMAAN is a full service digital media production company near West Yorkshire with services that include Video Production, Sound Production, Sound Mixing, Graphic Design, Animation, Post Production, Video Editing, Color Grading, Finishing, Digital Asset Transfer, Digitizing and Archiving.

Our Creative Services include: 

  • script to screen full video production services
  • scripting
  • producer / director services
  • video editing (Adobe, Avid, Resolve and FCP all supported)
  • color grading
  • special effects & digital compositing
  • title & motion graphics packages
  • animation (2D and 3D animation)
  • video and film production (field and studio)
  • audio production and mixing (field recording, audio 5.1 surround mixing)
  • voice recording / ADR
  • media format conversion
  • dvd and bluray authoring / duplication
  • production and facility consultation & training
  • project development and management