School & Young People

Schools & Young People

We are experts in training young people of all abilities in formal, alternative and informal educational settings. Clients include the London Borough of Tower Hamlets where we trained pupils at five primary schools, a year-long course at Chiltern Skills and Enterprise Centre, internship and youth leadership programmes at The Rank Foundation and an ongoing partnership with The Prince’s Trust delivering film, digital and social media courses. Our training team has worked with over 50 youth groups across the UK. We also train young people with physical, learning and behavioural difficulties.

Our training meets learning objectives, enhances lesson plans and builds skills. We can deliver to a class of 30 or smaller groups. We have trained ages from 5 to 25 in schools and informal settings.


  • To research and develop a film idea.
  • To learn good production technique.
  • To plan and film ready for editing.
  • To edit the film.
  • To enhance literacy and numeracy skills


Listening and observing.
Communicating ideas.
Team work
Planning (creative development, storyboards, shot lists, scripts).
Camera skills (we use a wide range of cameras and smartphones)
Presenting the film to an audience.